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Pendergrass Library UT Knoxville Renovations May 2018 - August: Benefits of the Renovation

photos of renovations to Pendergrass

Benefits of the Renovation

Because Pendergrass, at 16000 square feet, is unusually spacious for a branch library, we have been able to continually expand and enhance services and spaces to support teaching and learning in ways usually reserved for much larger main libraries.  Strong partnerships with UTIA, and the College of Veterinary Medicine in particular (the library is located in the Veterinary Medical Center) have also facilitated continual improvement to spaces.

Highlights of the Summer 2018 renovation project: 

  • New computers and furniture at the computer lab.
  • Technology (computer lab,  paper and 3-D printers, scanner) is consolidated and shaded from glare in the same sector of library.
  • Six OIT computers have been placed in Quiet Zone for intensive individual work.
  • Study rooms have new plug-and-play identical new large display monitors and connectors
  • Upgraded network infrastructure increases WiFi speed and reliability.
  • Added and upgraded electrical infrastructure.  More electrical outlets added to a 1979 building in walls and floors to give people more places to use and charge devices.
  • New seating options:  chairs, ottomans, large and small tables, and banquettes in Great Space to facilitate group work and other activities including lunch, breaks, informal meetings, etc.

Walkthrough video: Post-Renovation

Coming soon!