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Pendergrass Library UT Knoxville Renovations May 2018 - August: July Updates

photos of renovations to Pendergrass

Reassembly Time

July 10, 2018: Walls Arrive

Walls have arrived and installation has begun.

July 17, 2018: Further Installation

New location of the OIT Computer lab space with lab furniture, assembly underway:

Furniture in GREAT SPACE/ informal learning space (formerly computer lab) awaiting assembly:

New Spaces for Pendergrass 3-D printing:

future do-it-yourself area in foreground, assisted 3-D printing in middle space, technologist office/consultation area at far back:

July 20th: Office and Computer Lab Furnishing Underway

Office w/furnishings installation in progress

Office with furnishings being installed, looking over towards new location of OIT computer lab

Networking, electrical added to computer lab, more furniture installation

July 24: Computer lab furniture, office furniture completed. Great Space furniture arriving.

Great Space Tables

DIY 3D printing space furniture assembly completed

OIT Computer Lab Desk Assembly Completed

July 11, 2018: More Arrivals

July 13, 2018: Installation Begins

Wall installation in office areas and makerspace/3D printing areas:


July 18, 2018: Furniture Assembly continues

This is the designer's rendering of GREAT SPACE/ aka informal learning area.

Office area/service desk future location looking out towards entrance/exit.

Another angle of the office area/service desk future location.

Progress on computer lab furniture assembly.

Office furniture assembly staging area in GREAT SPACE AKA informal learning area.

GREAT SPACE/Informal learning area furniture (some of it).

Future GREAT SPACE/informal learning area,  currently used as staging area for assembly of office furniture