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Pendergrass Library UT Knoxville Renovations May 2018 - August: Home

photos of renovations to Pendergrass


Renovations were completed  August 2018


If you have questions, please contact Pendergrass Library staff at 865-974-7338 or

Individual staff members can be reached by email (see listings at

Pendergrass Renovation Overview: May-August 2018

In May:  preparation for construction crews and upgrades to electrical and wireless network

  • Pendergrass staff crash out of front area right after finals, are camped out in the stacks for the duration of the project.
  • Furniture and equipment sent to surplus or other departments.  Samantha's plans were wonderful to see in action as the stuff went out the door to new homes.
  • Old dividing wall circa 1979 demolished.  See Above.
  • Furniture and equipment to be retained stored in group study rooms or stacks.
  • Plug-and-play large display screens installed in all group study rooms (not shown in photos) to better facilitate group work
  • Wireless network infrastructure upgraded -- wireless is now faster
  • Electrical Outlets installed in walls, upgrading Pendergrass 1979 electrical wiring and bringing it up to code--more places to charge devices
  • Small enclosed area is the kitchen / break area / 3-D printing tank--walls installed and roughed out
  • Other shots of equipment and offices moved to stacks area during renovation--our Summer service location is 243 Brehm, phone 865-974-7338

Pendergrass Blueprint: Post-Renovation

FAQ about the Renovation


  • Will Pendergrass Library have treadmill desks?  No.  But we are not stopping with this renovation, so please continue to make suggestions: 865-974-7338 or  At various times in the semester, we ask questions on white boards in the library.  
  • Will Pendergrass still offer Large Format Poster Printing?  About 1000 posters are printed at Pendergrass per year.  Submit your print job here: 
  • Will the red lounging chairs still be available post renovation?  A few.  Now we have blue ones.
  • What policies have changed in the library?
    • For example, are drinks still allowed in the library?  Yes, food and drinks are allowed.  
    • Three more hours on Sundays pilot:  Starting October 14th, 2018 Pendergrass Library will open at 10 a.m. on Sundays for the rest of the fall 2018 semester and through spring 2019 semester.  Gate counts will be monitored and if we get enough use to justify continuing opening earlier on Sundays, we will ask for funding to make this change permanent.