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Lowering textbook and course material costs for UT students

This list of faculty and instructors have lowered or eliminated textbook costs through the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and/or other zero-cost options:

  • Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely available online through an open Creative Commons license and allow the freedom to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute. 

  • Zero-Cost Materials include library collections and subscriptions like eBooks, streaming videos, and online academic journals (purchased in part through student tuition and fees) and/or materials freely accessible via the internet.


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OER Trailblazer Award Winner      

SGA OER Award Winner

Aerospace Engineering



  • BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology: Cells, Genetics, and Physiology with Jeremy Chandler and Stan Guffey, adopted OpenStax Biology 
  • BIOL 102 Introduction to Biology: Biodiversity and Ecology with Jeremy Chandler, Ben Keck, and Stan Guffey, adopted OpenStax Biology 
  • BIOL 150 Organismal and Ecological Biology with Stan Guffey and Ben Keck, adopted OpenStax Concepts of Biology 
  • BIOL 160 Cellular and Molecular Biology with Stephanie Madison and Jeremy Chandler, adopted OpenStax Biology 

Biosystems Engineering

Computer Science

  •  COSC 311/317 Discrete Structures with Michael Berry and Judy Day, adopted Applied Discrete Structures 
  • COSC 140/302 Data Structures & Algorithms I/II with James Plank, adopted zero-cost materials
  • COSC 360 Systems Programming with James Plank, adopted zero-cost materials
  • COSC 434/534 Network Security with Max Schuchard, adopted zero-cost materials
  • COSC 494 Advanced Programming and Algorithms with James Plank, adopted zero-cost materials


Educational Psychology


  • EF 151/152 Physics for Engineers I/II with Richard Bennett, Betsy White, and Others. moved to a non-textbook model for all EF program courses starting in 2011, adopting resources ranging from The Physics Classroom, OpenStax University Physicsand zero-cost materials available from HyperPhysics.
  • EF 230 Computer Solution of Engineering Problems with Will Schleter (see EF 230 Course Website)


English As A Second Language

Environmental Science



  • HIEU 241 The Development of Western Civilization: Ancient World to 1715 with Jacob Latham

Information Sciences

  • INSC 573 Programming for Children and Young Adults with Cindy Welch


  • MATH 475 Industrial Mathematics with Alexiades Vasilios, adopted zero-cost materials
  • MATH 578 Numerical Methods/Partial Differential Equations with Alexiades Vasilios, adopted zero-cost materials




  • PHYS 135/136 Introduction to Physics for Physical Science and Mathematics Majors I with Marianne Breinig and Haidong Zhou, adopted University Physics 
  • PHYS 221/222 Elements of Physics I/II with  Marianne Breinig and others adopted College Physics in combination with additional OER, and Zero-Cost videos, practice problems, tutorials, etc.


  • PSYC 110/117 General Psychology with Hardin, Ross-Sheehy, Cooper, and GTAs, adopted Psychology (Published by OpenStax, Rice University)
  • PSYC 314 Cognitive Basis of Behavior with Mahadevan Srinivasan
  • PSYC 360 Social Psychology with Jeff Larsenadopted Principles of Social Psychology 
  • PSYC 400 Advanced Cognitive Psychology with Mahadevan Srinivasan
  • PSYC 570 Personality: Personality, Cognition and Affect with Mahadevan Srinivasan

Veterinary Medicine

  • VMP 814/824 Physiology and Microscopic Anatomy I/II with Kim Newkirk, adopted Veterinary Histology
  • VMD 888 Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Pathology with Michael Fry and Deanna Schaefer, adopted Zero-Cost eClinPath 

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