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Guide for the purpose of directing patrons to the necessary resources and institutions qualified for the study of genealogy

Tennessee State Library and Archives

The Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) provides research support to residents of the state of Tennessee through the preservation a large collection of books and historic materials.  Located in Nashville, TSLA offers an archival collection whose scope covers the culture and history of the state of Tennessee.  While the majority of their collections are still in physical format, TSLA provides electronic access to a sizable portion of their holdings and index records.  Additionally, this institution maintains a staff of history and genealogy experts who are more than willing to assist patrons in beginning their search for family histories.  

This guide will highlight a portion of their digital collections that may be useful to a patron interested in pursuing genealogy.  It is important to remember that, while there are some resources available online, the majority of their collections will still be found in a physical format.  Patrons who are interested the resources highlighted here should direct their inquiries to the staff of TSLA whose website may be found at this link:

Digital Resources