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Guide for the purpose of directing patrons to the necessary resources and institutions qualified for the study of genealogy

Knox County Archives

Located in the East Tennessee History Center across from the Tennessee Theater on South Gay Street in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Knox County Archives preserves non-current vital records for the Knox County Government.  The archives provides information on the history of the Knox County court systems, court records, genealogy, and the overall history of Knox County.  The county archives collection contains materials dating back to 1792 with the establishment of Knox County as a governing body, and it preserves a wide range of primary source material that may contain information suitable to constructing a family history.  If an individual has resided in Knoxville at some point in the past, the chances are high that the archives has some record of their transactions with the local community.

The majority of records held by the Knox County Archives are considered public documents.  Because of this, all documents, with the exception of Juvenile records and those restricted by Tennessee laws are available to be viewed by any member of the public.  Items held by the Knox County Archives are non-circulating, and they are not available to be interlibrary loaned.  Due to the sensitive nature of legal documents housed in the archives, rules restricting photographs and copy fees may apply.  Electronically available resources from the county archives generally take the form of an index, giving the researcher the information needed to pull a corresponding physical document at the archives.  In most instances, viewing a document requires a physical visit to the institution.  Please contact the county archives directly for more information on their policies and procedures.

Electronic Resources

Physical Resources without Online Index

For information about these collections and the restrictions that apply to them, please contact the Knox County Archives staff.

  • Knox County Register of Deeds Records
  • Knox County Criminal Court Records
  • Knox County Juvenile Court Records (restricted access)
  • Knox County Tax Records
  • Knox County School Student Records and System Records (Confidential)