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A citation management system that helps you organize PDFs and create bibliographies


Mendeley tries to extract citation information from the PDFs, but sometimes the information is incomplete or missing. Always check the accuracy of the citation information imported into your library. 

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Adding Documents

You can build your library of citations in a number of ways:

  • Drag/drop a PDF into the center pane.
  • Select a file/folder from your computer.
  • Use the Web Importer to import references from web pages.
  • Import from another reference manager or BibTex.
  • Add the reference manually.
  • Import citations automatically as you add PDFs to a Watch folder.

Note: Remember that Mendeley collects all references added to personal libraries to the Mendeley Web Catalog. If you don't want a reference added to the catalog, check the Unpublished Work box at the bottom of the details pane.


Syncing Your Library

Mendeley Desktop automatically syncs to your Mendeley web account each time it's opened, but it's a good idea to sync frequently as you make changes to your library. You can change sync options by selecting All Documents in Mendeley Desktop. Then click Edit Settings above the middle column to specify which folders to sync. You can also deselect Synchronize Attached Files if you wish to preserve your Web Storage space.