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First Year Studies Survival Guide

Boolean Operator: AND


AND, narrows down your search results, thus reducing the number of results producing a list that is more manageable. 

A search using the AND operator may be written out like this: blue AND green

The above diagram shows two words or terms combined using the "and" operator to find only those records containing both terms (the shaded area).The "AND" operator is used to combine words or terms representing different ideas.


Use AND in a search to:

  • narrow your results 
  • tell the database or search engine that ALL results must be present in the resulting records
  • example: zombies AND survival AND brains 

Boolean Search Modifier: Quotation Marks

Boolean Search Modifiers include asterisk*, parentheses(), and quotation marks"".


The quotation marks around a phrase tells the database or search engine that you need that exact word phrase in the search results. 

Example: "zombies eat brains" --- Only articles with that phrase will be in your results list

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