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A survival guide, intended for prospective or novice business doctoral students.

Theses and Dissertations

Tools for Literature Search

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Where to Find Help for Proofreading Your Dissertation

NO proofreading services are provided on campus (including the libraries). 

The Writing Center at UT is unable to do proofreading for students on theses and dissertations. However, students who are in the process of writing such documents may request that someone edit their work on a fee basis outside of the Writing Center.  

Contact the Writing Center to request a freelance editor for your thesis or dissertation:

Visit the center at HSS 212 during their open hours
Call 865-974-2611


Most journal publishers, such as Elsevier, provide fee-based proofreading services on their websites.

Books on Research Design

Find Journals for Your Article Publishing

Academic Journal Search Tool:

Funding Possibilities for doctoral proposals and dissertations in business-related areas

Data Visualization Open Source Tools

Open Data Sources for Social Science/Business Research

Research Support and Policies: University of Tennessee

Other Research Support Sources

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