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3D Printing @ Pendergrass

Do It Yourself 3D Printing

Can I use the 3D printers myself?
Yes.  The LulzBot TAZ 3D printer available in the Pendergrass Library allows use of the printer by patrons.

How do I learn to use the LulzBot TAZ?
Pendergrass Library offers training to learn the process of 3D printing on the LulzBot TAZ.  Once the patron has completed the training, they are allowed to use the printer on their own.  

Who is available to help me with printing?
Richard Sexton and Jeffrey Hines are available to help you with printing and training.

What are the costs associated with 3D printing?
The library provides the equipment and the plastic filament, the patron only needs to pay for the plastic filament used in their project. 
Finished projects are weighed and priced at $0.10 per gram; for example, a model weighing 10 grams will cost $1.00.

What type of filament and colors are available?
Pendergrass supplies nGen co-polyester.  Available filament colors are black, blue, orange, red, and white.

I am not sure what to print
There are many types of models available for free on Thingiverse or other repositories such as NIH Print Exchange.  Patrons may print any object that abides by the Pendergrass Library 3D Printing Policies and the University of Tennessee’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

I know what I want to print but do not have a 3D model
Pendergrass Library staff is available to help you develop a 3D model file in order to print an object.  Please contact Richard Sexton to make an appointment for a consultation in developing your project.

Do I have to print my object myself?
No.  You may submit a print request here.  Pendergrass staff will print the model for you.

Use the PDF below to access DIY operation instructions for the LulzBot Taz 6