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3D Printing @ Pendergrass

3D Printing May 10 - 21

Due to installation of sprinklers, 3D printing will be unavailable May 10 - 21, 2021.

3D printing will resume May 24.
3D Print requests may still be submitted May 10 - 21, but they will not be produced until the equipment has been relocated to its summer location in Hodges library.

Completed 3D prints will be available for pickup and payment at Hodges Library until Pendergrass reopens later this summer.

Contact Richard Sexton for more information.

Photos of Completed Projects

Agricultural Engineering (original design by student)

Bird Monitoring Device (original design by student)

Faceted Wall Planter


Rollover Protection System Installed on Tractor

Stag Horns (original design by student)

Twisted Vase

UT Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries Logo (original design by student)

Drone for Corn Field


Topographical Map of US

Mite Sensor/Catcher (with Dr. Wilkerson)

Femur Prosthetic (original design by student)

Golden Eagle Skull

Laryngoscope for Rats

Macaw Head

Macaw Skeleton

Raven Skull

Spine Candle Holder

Taung Child

Veterinary Caduceus

Wrist Gauntlet for Prosthetic Hand

Example of final product (not printed at Pendergrass)

Human Larynx Model

Bottle Opener

CLUG Bicycle Rack

Earbud Holder

Headphone Stand

iPad Air Horn

iPhone 4S Case

iPhone Car Mount

iPhone Cases

iPhone Gear Case

OUYA Console Robodock

Pen Holder

Speaker Enclosure

Power C

Beatles Logo


Bicycle (original design by student)

Doll Bust (original design by student)

Girl Statue (original design by student)

Lotus Bowl


Menger Sponge

Sierpenski Gasket

Tablet with Cuneiform

Baby Groot

Mount Rushmore, George Washington Bust, and WPA Sign

Reddit Robot


Thor's Hammer

Yoda Bank

Roman Colloseum

Capitol Building

Ayres Hall (original design by student)

Ocarina of Time

Rocky Top Pan Flute

Functional Pocket Clarinet

Bocci Ball

Golf Ball

Nimbus Glider

I Beams (original design by students for weight/load testing)

Blimp/Zeppelin Hardware (original design by student)

Parts for Rep Rap 3D Printer

Rep Rap Mendel 3D Printer Parts

Open Access Cookie Cutter