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3D Printing @ Pendergrass


Pendergrass Library Provides Access to 3D Printing for all UT Affiliates!

How can I print something?

UT affiliates may create or download a model and submit the request in STL format via our online form. Contact Richard Sexton ( with questions.  You may also supply a link to a downloadable .STL file from a repository such as Thingiverse.

What types of material are available?
We have two 3D printers available at Pendergrass Library:

1) The uPrint SE Plus is a professional grade 3D printer that utilizes ABS plastic to produce durable, functional, precisely detailed models and parts.

The Cubex Trio is a consumer / hobbyist grade machine that utilizes PLA plastic. 
This printer performs well on models that require no support structure during the build process.  Requests for models utilizing the Cubex Trio will be reviewed for viability.  Pendergrass staff will determine if the request is suitable for this printer and communicate that information to you.  If it is determined that your model is not suitable for the Cubex Trio, AVM staff will recommend the uPrint SE plus.  A cost estimate will be produced for your approval.  Once approval is given, your project will proceed in the order

What colors are available?
The uPrint SE Plus utilizes ABS plastic (with dissolvable support) with the following colors available:
Army Green

Cubex Trio utilizes PLA plastic with the following colors available:

What does it cost?
Models created on the uPrint SE Plus are calculated by the cubic inch of material used (both support and model material) as well as consumables.  The average cost is about $3.50 per cubic inch.

The Cubex Trio is $0.15 per gram of material used. 

For perspective, a simple phone case produced on the uPrint SE Plus is about $8.50 while the same case produced on the Cubex Trio is about $1.50.

Please note, we reserve the right to review all submissions for viability and appropriateness.

What if I don't have design skills?
No problem.  A repository of items that can be printed is available at

Who should I contact for more information?
For more information, contact:

Richard Sexton

865-974-4731  |



Learn about 3D Printing at Pendergrass “Make Break”

Are you curious about 3D printing? Have you ever wondered how to incorporate 3D design into everyday life and classroom projects?

UT students, faculty, and staff are invited to Pendergrass Library every third Thursday of the month from 2-3 p.m. for “Make Break” – an interactive tour and demonstration of the library’s makerspace and 3D printing technology.

Participants will also be entered into a raffle for a free 3D print of up to $25 value. Raffle winners will be announced at the end of the semester and receive a consultation on choosing or designing their 3D object.

To register for Make Break, email Richard Sexton at For more information about 3D printing at Pendergrass, visit our 3D printing website at or watch this YouTube video