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EndNote: Collaborating with EndNote

This guide describes UT resources available on the citation management software, EndNote.

My collaborators and I have different citation management programs, or not all of us know how to use EndNote

In this case, it may be best if one collaborator is in charge of putting the citations in the paper. Generally, references from Zotero, Mendeley, or other citation programs can be combined with an existing EndNote library that the person in charge of inserting the citations is using. Just email to find out how.

My collaborators and I want to share PDFs and/or references using EndNote

My collaborators and I wish to use our own EndNote libraries instead of sharing one. We want merge our Word sections later.

Before different collaborators insert citations into their individual sections, they need to change their temporary citation preferences in EndNote if they are not sharing an EndNote library (if they are using their own individual libraries).

In Windows, go to Edit..Preferences.

In Mac, go to EndNote X8...Preferences.

Change the Temporary Citations Preferences as shown here:

Next, copy and paste the Word document sections from collaborators into one master document.  Be sure to save the original sections.

You may need to click on Update Citations and Bibliography to display references at the end of the master document.

If you want to create a master EndNote library for the document after merging sections, choose Export Traveling Library in the Windows EndNote X8 tab in Word (under Tools in the Mac EndNote X8 tab in Word).