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English 118: Honors First-Year Composition

This guide will help students find primary and secondary sources for their research assignments.

Historical Context Sources

Looking for historical context information about a specific year or decade? The books and databases described here provide concise year-by-year overviews of major political, cultural, and social events. The boxes on the left side of this page provide links to databases with historical data about popular music, film, books, and television.


Online Reference Sources

Though typically not considered a scholarly source, Wikipedia can also serve as a starting point for research. A search for a specific year (e.g. 1968), decade (e.g. 1850s), or century (e.g. 18th century) often yields a list of events that happened during that time period. Sometimes pages exist for individual months within a year (e.g. July 1909).

Helpful Books in Hodges Library