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Literature review tools: Citation Management Software + nVivo

  • Citation management tools that are fundamental to productivity.  Choose Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley, or Papers to create a personal database of citations, attach PDFs, and format bibliographies. 

  • Compare citation management tools using the Oxford comparison chart.
  • Check 101 Innovations on Scholarly Communication to make sure you're aware of ALL options
  • nVivo facilitates deep analysis of the literature and visualization of the results of the review.  Consider using using nVivo in conjunction with a citation management tool.

ABOUT ENDNOTE: licensed software that is FREE to anyone at UTK.



There are 2 versions:  EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online.  EndNote Desktop can be synced with EndNote Online and libraries of citations can be shared among collaborators.  Training and practice is vital to master EndNote basic features before trying to use it under deadline:


ABOUT ZOTERO: Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") is a web browser add-on that collects, manages, and cites research sources.  Use iTunes and a web browser?  Then Zotero is a familiar interface--easy to learn and use. It is free open source software

Training videos on Zotero:


Go to ZOTERO Support Page  


Citation managment software tips

  • Citation management is divided into licensed and open source. 
  • Be sure you understand the business model of the citation manager tool you choose.
  • UTK has a site license to EndNote. 
  • Citations can be moved: use EndNote while at UTK, then transfer citations to Zotero before leaving.
  • NEVER manually type in a citation to a citation management tool if you can help it.  Contact the library for help if you can't find the citation in a database.
  • The scholarly communication workflow is changing.  There are new rules and new tools.
  • Check all the options in literature review software: 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication.