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Veterinary Information

Guides to services and collections for students, staff and faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine

Support for Residents and Interns: TINY URL is tiny.url.utk/CVMResidents


Other veterinary journals that publish case reports: 

(list is not exhaustive) 


Tiny URL for this guide:

Click on image below to go to reading lists



Checklist of Library services and collections for interns and residents:


In library help:  ask at the service desk. 

Not in library contact options:   Pendergrass Library voice 865-974-7338  |    | Text to: 865-320-9885

Primary contacts:

  • Ann Viera:   veterinary librarian  |  | voice 865-974-9015  |   Veterinary Guides
  • Jeffrey Hines, Evening Supervisor (use contact options for Pendergrass Library).

OneSearch UT Libraries Discovery tool: more than the catalog

Interlibrary Loan @UTK--free service.

Quality Health information supporting the veterinarian-client bond:

Searching databases:  what databases to search, how-to search, important features of the various platforms:


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