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Veterinary Information

Guides to services and collections for students, staff and faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine

Support for Residents and Interns: TINY URL is tiny.url.utk/CVMResidents

Note:  The UTK subscription to VetRecord Case Reports ends December 2018.

Rationale for canceling this journal: only 4CVM authors had case reports published in 3 years.  We anticipated more submissions than that.

It will be free to submit case reports to that journal, if submitted before the subscription ends in December 2018.


Other veterinary journals that publish case reports: 

(list is not exhaustive) 


Tiny URL for this guide:

Click on image below to go to reading lists



Checklist of Library services and collections for interns and residents:


In library help:  ask at the service desk. 

Not in library contact options:   Pendergrass Library voice 865-974-7338  |    | Text to: 865-320-9885

Primary contacts:

  • Ann Viera:   veterinary librarian  |  | voice 865-974-9015  |   Veterinary Guides
  • Jeffrey Hines, Evening Supervisor (use contact options for Pendergrass Library).

OneSearch UT Libraries Discovery tool: more than the catalog

Interlibrary Loan @UTK--free service.

Quality Health information supporting the veterinarian-client bond:


Databases tips:  which databases to search, how-to search, important features of the various platforms:

Web of Science: important because it includes CAB ABSTRACTS, the international research database for veterinary med/agriculture

PubMed--search via Databases menu ( so that links to full text will work--HUMAN DATABASE, indexing about 90 veterinary journals, free to search.  If you are a PubMed Searcher, keep searching PubMed, just access via databases menu.  For high-stakes searches, be sure to search CAB ABSTRACTS also.

Evidence-based practice resources

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