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Lists of books for courses years 1-4, + other teaching and research support

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Guides to Elmer and Dude Cases

Guide short URL:

Need some help with discharge instructions?  See Chapter 11:

Books for Elmer the horse case:

Glass Horse and Glass Dog Instructional Software

Directions for Glass Horse, Glass Dog access: 

Login to with NETID and Password.

After logging into

#1 Choose Categories Link at top left, then #2 choose AG-VET Folder to use these three anatomy resources:

  • Glass Horse Elements of the Distal Limb  "idistallimbUTK"  then password utkvetmed
  • Glass Horse Equine Colic "iColic"   then password:  utkvetmed
  • Glass Dog Thorax and Abdomen  "icanineUTL" then password utkvetmed

Password to all three is utkvetmed

Equine Purchase Exams -- selected resources and how to find more info.

"Get an "A" on our equine prepurchase exams: The basics of practice protocols to ensure your equine veterinary practice's prepurchase exams are above board, legally wise and profitable Dec 28, 2016 By Kyle Palmer, CVT in DVM360

AAEP "Reporting Purchase Examinations" including a form "Reporting Radiographic Findings"

Three copies on the cart, also available electronically: Prepurchase examination in ambulatory equine practice by Werner, HW, Veterinary Clinics of North America, Equine Practie, volume 28, issue 1, pages 207-247.

AQHA Buyers Guide to Buying an American Quarter Horse

AAEP Purchasing a horse

Overview of Prepurchase Examination of Horses: Merck Veterinary Manual

More about pre-purchase exams: 2 suggestions

1)  In CAB ABSTRACTS, copy and paste this strategy into the search box:

(purchase or pre-purchase or prepurchase) AND exam* and (horse* or equine)

2)  Use Google Advanced Search [purchase exam horse] and limit to .edu or .org domains to find Extension publications and veterinary college Web sites.

Don't pay for access OR spend a lot of time trying to get access, AskUs!

Jeanine Williamson  |   Veterinary Librarian (interim)

Jeffrey Hines         |  |  Evening Supervisor

Primary contacts for veterinary medicine @ Pendergrass Library



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