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Food Science & Technology

This guide is designed to help you find databases, web resources, journals and books related to Food Science and Technology.

Books & E-Books

Print Resources

Print Resources

Browse the call numbers below for print sources in the library. Additional print resources can be found by browsing the One Search for subject headings such as Food -- Analysis or Food Industry and Trade.

Q - Science

T - Technology & Engineering

QP Physiology and Biochemistry

QP141-185.3 Nutrition and Metabolism

QP531-535 Minerals

QP551-562 Protein and Amino Acids

QP701-702 Carbohydrates

QP751-752 Lipids

QP771-772 Vitamins

TP Chemical Technology

TP368-659 Food Processing and Manufacture

TS Manufactures

TS1950-1981 Animal Products

TS2120-2159 Cereals and Grains. Milling Industry

TX341-641 Nutrition, Foods and Food Supply

TX645-840 Cookery

R - Medicine

RA Public Health

RA645.N87 Public Health Aspects of Nutrition

RC Internal Medicine

RC620-632 Nutritional & Metabolic Diseases

RJ Pediatrics

RJ53.D53 Diet Therapy for Infants & Children

RJ53.P37 Parental Nutrition for Infants & Children

RJ206-216 Nutrition and Feeding of Infants & Children

RJ360-400 Metabolic and Nutritional Diseases of Children & Infants

RK Dentistry

RK281 Nutrition and Dentistry

RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology

RM214-267 Diet Therapy and Special Diets