Journalism and Electronia Media:Political Contributions

This guide presents selected print, electronic, and Internet resources relevant for completing research in Journalism & Electronic Media at the UT Libraries.


State of Tennessee Elections
Includes redistricting maps,election dates, past election results,election fianance, and much more.

TN County Election Commissions

Follow the Money
Candidates for state office and their campaign contributors beginning 1994. Contributors by industry or special interest for a state.

The Campaign Disclosure Project
A website project "to bring greater transparency and accountability to the role of money in state and federal campaigns"

State Campaign Disclosure Agencies

Gubernatorial Campaign Finance Database
Campaign expenditures by state for gubernatorial races, beginning 1977. Includes cost per vote. Research project by Thad Beyle and Jennifer Jensen.


Knox County Elections
Includes a schedule of elections, list of candidates,district maps, polling locations, and much more.


Campaign Money
Searchable database of campaign contributions for Presidential and Congressional candidates beginning in 2000.
This Center for Responsive Politics monitors and provides a wealth of information on campaign finance and related topics. Focus is on the federal level, but there  some state level information is given. Noteworthy section is the registered lobbyist database.

Federal Election Commission
Summary receipts and disbursements of Presidential and all Congressional candidates since 1999. Search by candidate and year; then drill down to detail on individual contributors. Earlier data in print or data files from ICPSR. Search the catalog Campaign funds -- united states -- statistics

Follow the Oil Money
Amount of money presidential candidates received from individual oil companies. Top House and Senate recipients of oil money and how they voted in relationship to oil issues.

Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
Financial disclosure reports on member finances.

Vote Smart - Campaign Expenditures
Tracks campaign contributions at the state and federal levels.

ProQuest Congressional
Under the Members section. Search by Member of Congress to determine individual campaign or PAC contributors since 1987 and financial disclosures since 1991. Separate section on campaign finance reports. Similar to data provided by the Federal Election Commission but easier to use.

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Print Resource

Almanac of American Politics. 1972-current
Arranged by Member of Congress.
Hodges Reference: JK271 .B343