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Communication Studies

Key resources for research in Communication Studies


Selecting a Database

To find articles at the UT Libraries, you will need to use a database. Databases index articles published in scholarly research journals, popular magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings, and other sources. If you are doing research on a specific topic use the databases listed on this page. For research in other fields, select from the list of SUBJECT DATABASES. The category called 'General Topics' is a good place to start research on most topics.

Communication Journals

If you already have article citations and want to find the full-text, here are two quick ways to get online access. You must use the UT Libraries web page to access full text articles

Google Scholar

To search for known articles, use Google Scholar through the Databases pages.

If you know the title of the article, place it in quotes in the search box and click "search."

Citation Linker

If you are looking for a specific article, use the CITATION LINKER to find the article in a UT Libraries database. Enter the citation into the appropriate fields and click "Go." A window will pop up with the option to click to go to the full text of the article if available.


Search for the journal by name or keyword. Below is a selected list of titles.​​​​​​​

Scholarly vs. Popular

Locating articles from academic, peer-reviewed publications.

How can you tell if it is a scholarly article?

  • Written by a professor or expert in the field
  • Presents original research
  • Published in a journal that is refereed by experts to ensure quality
  • Includes a bibliography of sources consulted
  • Is free of advertisements

Sometimes you may want popular articles because they are more current.

How can you tell if it is a popular article?

  • Cover contemporary topics
  • Written by staff writers
  • Selected by an editor
  • Few or no footnotes or bibliographies
  • Many ads and pictures