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Finding Books

Books in the UT Libraries are shelved by the Library of Congress call number classification scheme, which is an alpha-numeric system that groups books on the same subject together.  You can search for a specific book through One Search from the library home page, or you can browse the stacks in a particular call number range.

Below are call number ranges for subjects within the Communication Studies discipline. 

  • P87-96: Communication, Mass Media
  • P94.7: Interpersonal Communication
  • P95-95.6: Oral communication, Speech
  • P99-99.4: Semiotics. Signs, and symbols
  • P99.5-99.6: Nonverbal communication
  • P301-301.5: Style, Composition, Rhetoric
  • P302-302.87: Discourse analysis
  • PN4001-4355: Oratory, Elocution, etc.
  • HD58.7-58.95: Organizational behavior, change and effectiveness, Corporate culture Business or Organizational Communication