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Political Science

Contemporary American Politics

The United State Federal Government information portal. Designed to be your first resource to find government information on the Internet. Also has good links to state information

The Irwin Mann Voting and Democracy Virtual Library
From New York University; good political links with special coverage given to proportional representation

National Political Index
Provides an index of substantive political information for voters, political activists, political consultants, lobbyists, politicians, academicians, and media editors with a wide range of products, information, services, simulations, games, and polling in an interactive communications environment

A search engine for politics, policy, and political news

Political Science Resources
Produced by Richard Kimber of the UK, this British site has a lot of U.S. political links; well-organized

Politics Online
Focuses on the ways candidates use the Internet to change traditional politics. Has an online archive of news articles and studies regarding the Internet's impact in politics

Speech and Speechmakers
Has speeches of current major political figures,as well great historical speeches from individuals such as Winston Churchill, FDR,and JFK

This Nation: The American Government and Politics Portal
Has an extensive library of major documents including the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Washington's Farewell Address, over a dozen historic Supreme Court Cases. Has daily political briefings to major media outlets, and a search engine to 5000 political sites

Where the Dead Politicians are Buried
A database of historic cemeteries. A little window on the past

Subject Guide