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Veterinary textbooks more than five years old: what to do with them

Running out of room in the clinic or home library? A gentle reminder: medical texts are out of date upon publication.  It is o.k. to discard veterinary textbooks published more than five years ago.  In other words, the textbooks that were so expensive and meaningful when you were in vet school are out of date-- if not downright dangerous-- now.

The other development in veterinary medical infrastructure is the availability of point-of-care evidence-based or expert opinion services that make getting to the best evidence more efficient than textbooks.  They are also easier to keep updated and work on any Internet enabled device:

Books less than 2-3 years old may be needed overseas. The AVMA has a list of contacts from various countries, organizations, or regions that collect and ship veterinary medical texts (and some journals). 

  • Some of the links on the AVMA list are not working as of 7/22/2019. 
  • Here are some other things to consider about donating books:  From ALA and AMSA.

There is only a very small chance that rare veterinary journals (e.g. Progress in Veterinary Neurology) and selected books may be needed by the veterinary library at the University of Tennessee or by the library at your alma mater. Please contact Ann Viera with questions about donating to Pendergrass. Thank you for thinking of us! 

Where to Purchase New Veterinary Books

VBOT is the UT CVM Student-run bookstore--open 12-1 daily during the fall and spring semesters; Tuesdays 12-1 in the summer. Hours may vary.   See Web site for more information.

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