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ANSC 495 - Ethics in Animal Agriculture

Instructor: Lacey Johnston Course: ANSC 495 - Ethics in Animal Agriculture

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Accessing Books and Articles from Outside of UT

Interlibrary loan  ;(ILL) is a service that provides access to materials (i.e. journal articles, book chapters, print books) not available from the UT Libraries. The service is free to all UTK students, faculty and staff. Visit the Interlibrary Services web site  ;for more information.


Is Pendergrass Library the only library with information regarding agriculture?

Pendergrass holds the majority of UT Libraries' collection for agriculture, environment sciences, natural sciences, food sciences, and veterinary medicine. Additional items can be found at Hodges Library or in Hoskins Storage.

What do I do if there is a resource that I think should be in the UT collection?

The UT Libraries is always taking suggestions for additional purchases. Complete our "Suggest a Purchase"  form to let us know!

Do we have access to the same resources as other disciplines, such as veterinary medicine?

The Libraries' resources are the most part available to any UT faculty, staff, or student, regardless of major. If you have questions regarding a specific resources, chat with the library!