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ANSC 495 - Ethics in Animal Agriculture

Instructor: Lacey Johnston Course: ANSC 495 - Ethics in Animal Agriculture

Helpful Resources for Citing Materials

How does it work?


  • First, go to or click on the ZoteroBib icon above.
  • Second, look for the resource. You can do this by typing in the title of the resource, copying and pasting in the URL, searching by the DOI, or the ISBN (if a book). If you can't find the title, you can manually enter the citation information. 
  • ZoteroBib will default to Modern Language Association format. Once you add your first citation, you can change to whatever citation style you need. Remember to check the accuracy of your citations. 
  • Need to create in-text citations? Do this by clicking the stacked rectangles. When you open this, ZoteroBib will create a mock in-text citation for you. Check to make sure you don't need to add additional information, such as page number, paragraph number, etc..
  • Copy the bibliography into your document

*As you add resources to your bibliography, ZoteroBib will organize them alphabetically for you!

Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center

The Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center serves student writers in all disciplines of the UT academic community by offering free and individualized help throughout the writing process. Trained tutors read student writing and provide feedback in one-to-one conversations. Our goal is to help students think about and improve their written work from the brainstorming stage to final revisions. For fall 2021, tutors will be providing assistance in-person and online via Zoom and email. Tutors are available in Pendergrass Mondays and Thursdays from 2-4 pm, but are available in person at additional locations throughout the week. 

Below, there is a downloadable flyer with the Writing Center's Spring 2022 operations.

Modern Language Association (MLA) Citation Style

FAQs about Writing Support and Citing Resources

What do I do if I can't find all the information to fully cite a source? 

When you are finding it difficult to identify all the information that you need for citing your source, there are a few different options available to you. 

1. Chat with a member of the Pendergrass staff. Librarians are skilled at helping find key information often included in citations.
2. If you are in a database or record in OneSearch, look for the options to view the citation for the source. Many databases allow you to copy and paste the citation directly into your document. 


How can I get support from the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center?

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center will start the spring 2022 semester hosting online appointments for undergraduates only on Zoom. Students interested in setting up an appointment with the Writing Center can schedule an appointment on the Writing Center website (link opens in a new tab).