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Data Management for Agriculture

Resources and tips for managing agricultural and environmental data.

Agriculture & Natural Resources Librarian

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Maggie Albro
Pendergrass Library
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Knoxville, TN 37996
Subjects: Agriculture

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Agriculture-Related Standardized Vocabularies

Standardized vocabularies are lists of preferred terms within a discipline. Standardized vocabularies can be used in metadata to help increase the consistency of content and decrease the ambiguity of terms. Below is a list of standardized vocabularies that are used in agricultural sciences and related fields.

Data Documentation

Providing descriptive documentation of your data is essential for being able to identify, find, access, and use the data in the future. Documentation is important not only for other researchers who may want to use your data, but also for yourself. Data documentation helps you remember the details of your project that may be forgotten over time. Data documentation is easier and much less time consuming if it is performed at each stage of the research process instead of waiting until the end of your project.

Metadata Standards

What is Metadata?

  • Metadata is a subset of a project's documentation. Metadata should follow standardized formats and answer questions such as "who?, what?, when?, where?, and why?" about the data.


Metadata should be generated using metadata standards that are common in your field of study. Below is a list of commonly used standards in the science communities.