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Data Management for Agriculture: Planning

Resources and tips for managing agricultural and environmental data.

Table of Contents

Example Data Management Plans

A number of example data management plans are available to use as inspiration as you develop your own plan.

Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are documents describing the type and amount of data that will be generated during a research project. DMPs also outline how the data will be stored, backed up, and documented, as well as information about if and how the data will be shared. Many funding agencies require data management plans or data sharing plans to be completed as part of the grant application process.

Data Lifecycle

The Digital Curation Centre has developed this graphic to demonstrate the continuous process of working with data. Data management plans help scientists think through all of these stages in advance to ensure that they are prepared to handle their data successfully.

UT Libraries staff can assist with creating data management plans and working with data at each of these stages. 

DMP Tools & Resources

The following tools and resources are available to help you create Data Management Plans that meet funding agencies' requirements. 

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