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A citation management system that helps you organize PDFs and create bibliographies

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley logoMendeley is a free citation management tool that can help you

  • Organize your personal library of references and downloaded PDFs.
  • Read and annotate PDF documents.
  • Access your papers from anywhere online.
  • Insert citations into your document and easily generate a bibliography.
  • Share libraries and annotations with other researchers.
  • Discover potential collaborators and related publications.

First Steps

First, create an account by visiting, and follow the "Create account" link.

Download Mendeley Desktop so that you will have access to all the Mendeley features, including the write & cite functionality.

Install the Mendeley Web Importer into your web browser to import references and PDF documents from web sites.

Install the Mendeley Citation Plugin, which will allow you to insert citations and generate bibliographies into your Microsoft Word document.

You may also wish to download the Mendeley app for iOS devices or Android devices so that you can read and annotate your papers on the go.

Account Limits

A free Mendeley account receives:

  • 2GB personal cloud storage
  • Up to 5 private groups of up to 25 collaborators for sharing
  • 100MB share web storage across all groups