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​​​​​​​Library​ Faculty Research Incentive Program


Library faculty can request funds and release time for research via FRIP, the Faculty Research Incentive Program (FRIP).


 $1,450 in FRIP funding is currently available (as of May 2023).


Proposals during the 2022-2023 academic year should be emailed to the current chair of the FRIP committee, Louisa Trott.


QUICK FRIP FACTS (further details can be found on the FRIP OneDrive page):


►All library faculty are eligible to submit proposals (except current FRIP committee members).

Faculty may apply at any time.

Funds and release time are for research related expenses only. Past successful proposals have requested funds for:

  • participant incentives
  • staffing (for facilitators, transcriptionists, etc.)
  • software, hardware, and equipment
  • travel and training required for research

Faculty should submit proposals to FRIP chair Louisa Trott at

  • Proposals will be evaluated by the FRIP committee and the dean.
  • Proposals should include a plans for the use of funds as well as plans for a follow up presentation after the project is completed.

Please consider human subjects compliance and DRC procedures in your proposal.



How many times can I apply?

Participation in the Program is limited to once every two years for proposals requesting release time of greater than two weeks.  There is no limit if applying for release time of less than two weeks or for funding awards.

How much funding is available?

An annual budget for the Program is set annually by the Dean.  The Committee usually has a firm number by October.

Does the program fund travel expenses?

The Committee will consider funding for travel necessary to conduct research.  The Committee will not consider proposals for travel to professional conferences (e.g. ALA, TLA).

What other type of expenses can be funded by the program?

Research related expenses may be funded including travel, SLA requests and replacement staffing.

How can release time be used?

Release time can be used to conduct research leading towards publication, grant proposals and a thesis or dissertation.  Time may also be used to pursue professional development activities necessary as a prerequisite for research.

How much release time can be requested?

Release time requested for any one project cannot exceed one semester.  Amount of release time and when it is taken should be negotiated with the immediate supervisor before the proposal is submitted.

Can release time be used to pursue additional degrees?

Release time can be used to conduct research necessary for a thesis/dissertation or to complete a thesis/dissertation.  Release time cannot be used for coursework toward a degree.

How is research progress monitored?

Sharing your work: we want to hear about it and support library faculty research!  We want others to learn about FRIP funds!  The FRIP proposal must include specific plans for the follow up presentation after the project is completed. We’ll leave it up to you to to determine the venue and coordinate with the organizers of that series/event/venue. Some suggestions: Library Faculty Research forum, Research Community of Practice, Fun Fact Friday, brown bag lunch, Library Faculty meeting, Liaisons meeting, or other forums.

What type of formal presentation is required?

Participants can make a formal presentation at  a Library Faculty Research forum, Research Community of Practice, Fun Fact Friday, brown bag lunch, Library Faculty meeting, or other venue to present to the UT Libraries’ faculty.

Where can I find further information?

More information about FRIP's purpose, scope, application process and administration can be found on the UT Library Faculty OneDrive's FRIP page.

How can I find examples of proposals?

Past proposals are available on the UT Library Faculty OneDrive.