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Business: Ad$pender: Getting Started

This guide explains how to search the database and provides the video explaining how to interpret the results.

Getting Started




Ad$pender™ is a tool that allows you to view a top-level summary of the multi-media advertising marketplace.  Ad$pender monitors advertising expenditures and occurrence information for 3+ million brands across 18 media. 

Ad$pender is available for use via the library website.  Our subscription of Ad$pender has 3 user login accounts at the same time. When you finish using Ad$pender please be sure to close browser allowing another person to access and use Ad$pender.


Date Coverage: 1995 – current.  Data are generally available within 4-8 weeks of air date.  For exact dates click “Show Data Availability” at the bottom of time period screen.

Media Coverage:  Television ( network, cable, spot, Spanish-language network, syndicated), Radio (Network, national spot, local), Magazines (consumer, b-to-b, local, Sunday, Spanish-language), Newspapers (national, local, Spanish-language), Internet, Outdoor

When to Use:  Find how, when and where the competition spends their advertising dollars. Advertising expenditures can be examined in 18 media types and ranked by brand, product or media.

Print/Download – Once a report is displayed use the toolbar options to print, save or email a report.

Associate Professor / Librarian for Haslam Business, Advertising, RTHM, Executive MBA programs

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P. Judy Li, PhD
Judy's academic credentials (all from North America universities): PhD, MLIS, MBA (Entrep.), BA(Business Adm.).
Previously worked as a librarian at: research centers (county public library's Business/Law/Gov subject section, academic libraries' Business section, special libraries with companies in Telecommunication Industry and Finance Industry) - USA, Canada, HongKong (pre-1997 - British National Oversea)