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Great Smoky Mountains:Home

Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project at the University of Tennessee Libraries.

Hot Off the Press: Mount Le Conte by Paul Adams

Edited with a new introduction, explanatory footnotes, and additional photographs. A companion to Smoky Jack:  The Adventures of a Dog and his Master on Mount Le Conte by Paul J. Adams. 

Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project: Overview

The Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project provides support for researchers at all levels who study the Smokies and the surrounding communities through bibliography projects, traditional and digital collections, and outreach. 

Laurel Falls:  Thompson Brothers Digital Photograph Collection

Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project Co-directors

Anne Bridges

Ken Wise


Colloquy v18n1

Great Smoky Mountains Colloquy, v. 18, no. 1




Top 100 Most Influential People in the History of the Smokies

In honor of the centennial of the NPS, the Great Smoky Mountains Association has created a list of the 100 most influential people in Smokies history.  You can read more at this link.