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About the Bookplate Reception

The UT librarians join the Provost each fall in hosting a reception honoring tenure-track UT Knoxville faculty members who have been promoted and/or awarded tenure.

The Faculty Bookplate Reception is a celebration of tenure-track faculty success, and honorees choose a book to commemorate their achievement. 

Book selection guidelines are in the box below.

The honored faculty members represent the full range of UT's comprehensive educational programs, from the arts and sciences to the professional schools. The books chosen by UT's scholars are equally diverse, running the gamut from poetry to health science research. 

One of the most enjoyable features of the reception is the display of honorees' book choices which include commemorative bookplates and a bookmark.

Attendance at the reception is optional, as is choosing a book. The Provost's Office sends paper invitations each year to honorees and their Deans or Department Heads.

The Bookplate reception means different things to different faculty on different years. Honorees who cannot or do not wish to attend the reception are welcome to choose a book either before or after the reception and may do so by forwarding their choice to their subject librarian.  UT Libraries' catalog record for each book will be edited to note that the book was selected to honor the faculty member.

Book Selection Guidelines for Honorees

  • Ask your subject librarian if you have any questions about choosing a book.

  • Books can be in any discipline, including children's books or illustrated fiction.  If faculty choose a book outside their discipline, it will be shelved at any UT Library according to the subject matter of the book: Hodges Library, Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine Library, Music Library, or Social Work Library. For example, if an honoree who uses the AG-VET MED Library chooses a work of historical fiction, the book will be shelved at Hodges Library.

  • Can be any book: your book, a relative's book, or a book by a mentor or other person who has inspired you.

  • Books can be any length and can include any number of graphic features.

  • Electronic books: If an e-book is chosen, a copy of its cover will be displayed at the reception, and an electronic bookplate will be added to the book’s catalog record, noting that the book was selected to honor the faculty member.
  • If a book choice is not in the library collection, every effort will be made to purchase and catalog it in time for the reception. Please respond promptly when your subject librarian contacts you about choosing a book.

Reception Location, Date, Time, Map

Date:     November 12,  2014


              Congratulatory remarks by administrators at about 4:00.

Location:  1st Floor Galleria, Hodges Library (Link to Map Below)

For Honorees--What to Expect

Invitation to choose a book:   

All tenure-track faculty whose promotion and/or tenure was approved at the Trustees' meeting in the summer of the current year will be contacted via email by their subject librarian and invited to choose a book to commemorate their promotion and/or tenure.

Invitation to the reception

The Provost's office sends paper invitations to all honorees.

At the reception

Nametags and programs will be available.

The Provost and Dean of Libraries offer congratulatory remarks about a half-hour after the reception start-time.

Leaving the reception: 

Honorees are welcome to take the bookmarks from their books at the end of the Reception, along with the program.

If you were promoted and/or tenured this year but did not get an invitation in the mail, consider yourself invited and please attend the reception.  Check with your subject librarian or Melanie Finnegan at 974-6152 in the Provost's office if you have questions.


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